The one-time presidential candidate, who left the Senate in 2003, was well known for dipping one foot in the acting pond while serving in Congress. He appeared in several “Law and Order” episodes along with a series of movies, including “The Hunt for Red October” and “No Way Out.”

While he says his favorite role “maybe hasn’t been written yet,” Thompson doesn’t necessarily want to take a crack at writing his dream character. For screenplay writers, he says, “If you’re lucky you might see it come into fruition in a few years. And you know I don’t have the time, or the interest, or the patience to sit down and work on something for a year and then wait for three years in order to see it made into something.”

He continues with a slight laugh, “Politics and the law operate a little quicker than that.”

As far as 2016 predictions, Thompson declares, “I just think that the Republicans have a real good bench, the best in my memory, of good, articulate people who are coming up through the ranks, and some of them are already at the top of the ranks.”

But the longtime lawmaker won’t be among the crop of candidates, saying, “No I won’t be running again.”

ITK mentions that she read Thompson shortened his name from “Freddy” to “Fred” years ago. She asks would a “Freddy” not make it in Washington?

“I don’t know, a Jimmy got to be president!” Thompson says with a big chuckle. “Maybe I should have kept it.”