He called himself “so charmed” by the entertainer and says he found Judd to be “so smart, and really warm, and she’s really an incredible individual.”

“Olympus Has Fallen” director Antoine Fuqua recalls, “I didn’t know she was running at first when I first approached Ashley until I talked to her and everything.” Calling her “a smart lady,” Fuqua says while he doesn’t know much about her politics, he believes Judd “is for the greater good.”

Angela Bassett echoes the same sentiments as her director and co-star. When asked if she’d ever want to trade places with the D.C.-types featured in the film — which opens in theaters nationwide Friday — Bassett replies, “I’m fine. I’m straight. Although one of our colleagues [and] co-stars is about to trade places, right? Ashley Judd.”

Bassett, who takes a turn as the director of the Secret Service in the movie, continues, “Word is out — she’s seriously in contention for running for senator. And I get a little wispy-eyed about it.”

Aaron Eckhart, who stars as the commander in chief and Judd’s husband in the flick, chimes in, “She’s a tough girl.” But he adds of the political world, “That’s dog-eat-dog out there.”

Bassett nods in agreement, saying of Judd, “She’s smart enough.” The actress said the two didn’t discuss politics on the set. She then adds with a chuckle, “Maybe she’ll change her mind after the premiere. Or have second thoughts.”