Grover Norquist is a certified celebrity in Washington, but not everyone who recognizes him is a fan.

The prominent anti-tax lobbyist was chatting with reporters on New Jersey Avenue, a few blocks from the Capitol, on Monday when a man walking by spotted him and gave him a piece of his mind.

“Scum,” the man said within earshot of Norquist as he walked next to a woman. Norquist didn’t respond, and the man, without breaking stride, added: “We need more taxes!”

Norquist, who had just finished speaking at an immigration event, heard that part and shouted back, “Good, then pay them, you little hypocrite!” The man, dressed in casual work clothes, was already about 20 feet away, and the moment passed.

“I always get a kick out of these guys,” he told the reporters. “Everyone says we should pay higher taxes. Write a check if you want! Don’t bother me.”

Then he returned to the topic du jour: immigration.