The likeness of Meyer, the main character in the HBO series "Veep" played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, will join the usual racing presidents in a relay race at the Nats game, according to the Washington Post.

Meyer will team up with Theodore Roosevelt in a race against Abraham Lincoln and William Howard Taft. The cameo comes just before the second season of "Veep" premieres on Sunday night.

The Meyer likeness has been appearing around the city in the past few days.

"We heard #SelinaTheVeep is on her way to POTUS with a new bill in hand, and is fixin’ to hit it out of the park," the show said on its Twitter account.

The Meyer appearance is the first time a fictional vice president has raced with the regular presidents.

The actual Vice President Meyer (or Louis-Dreyfus) will appear at a Thursday screening of the show at the Motion Picture Association of America in Washington on Thursday.