Singer Angie Stone: My hairstyle ‘too black’ for Michelle Obama

She then reveals her biggest secret, disclosing, “I bought my hair in Trinidad. What the deal was we fused it with my hair and it was so beautiful — I’d never seen it before.”

She let out a loud laugh and exclaimed, “They have no more Afro hair because Ms. Stone bought all of it!”

ITK caught up with the R&B songstress and the cast and crew of the show “Hinton Battle’s Love Lies” at a luncheon hosted by IMPACT Arts and Film Fund at the new K Street eatery, LOOK Restaurant and Lounge.

The production just finished up an engagement at the Warner Theater and is headed out on a cross-country tour. The musical dramedy — which also stars singer Brian McKnight and Elise Neal, Crystal Aikin, Amber A. Harris and Kier Spates — is about three women who discover at a funeral that they were all engaged to the same man. By the end, the women must come together and forgive the philanderer.

Hinton Battle, a three-time Tony Award winner who also appears in the show, says the plot isn’t some metaphor for the current state of politics: “If we could be so lucky for Congress to come together! And ... stop messing around and procrastinating. They’re affecting millions of people’s lives. It’d be nice.”

The 56-year-old actor and acclaimed dancer, who spent his formative years in D.C., says he never got into the whole politics thing. “Too many rules,” he said with a shake of his head.

“I don’t see how they can do it. ... That’s really a tough business because you can’t even talk, you can’t even speak. No — they can have that job.”

Photo: Flickr