The GOP congressman has been immersing himself with professionals musicians, including a recent trip to the Grammys, in order to better understand their industry.

“As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, I’m working to ensure that your craft is protected from theft as well as made available to legal purchasers through online music services,” he remarked in his speech. “Congress is also interested in updating our nation's music laws. We value your input.”

Recording Academy members shared their appreciation by surprising him with the song.

“When I saw that [the mics were] up there,” said Goodlatte with a smile, “I figured they would do some kind of performance, but I didn’t now it was going to be like that. It was fun!”

“Songwriters and musicians — we’re kind of like the bottom of the food chain for creating stuff,” Brown said. “And so, you know, we just want to be paid fairly of course.”

Brown added that Goodlatte is a hero among the majority of songwriters and musicians. Brown described a recent check he received from Pandora to underline the need for change. The check was for 7.5 million plays of one of his songs and he said it earned him less than $200.

“It’s time for our legislation to do something,” he said.

Goodlatte joked that if he kept getting performance like these, he’d have to make an album.

“I really think that this is a new category for the Grammys,” he quipped. “And I guarantee you, we’re gonna win!”