Former President Clinton can play the sax, but can he cha-cha? Karina Smirnoff of “Dancing with the Stars” says the ex-commander in chief has an open invitation to show if he can cut a rug on the hit ABC series.

“We’ve never had Bill Clinton on the show, and I’m a huge fan. The guy has so much charisma and so much personality,” Smirnoff said when asked by ITK which political player she’d like to partner with.

“Dance with me, Bill!” she exclaimed.

“I think he might have some pretty good dance moves,” Smirnoff said, before adding something the pair shares in common, “And he loves the arts.” 

The ballroom dancing pro is teaming up with Bright Future International next month for an event in New York called Beyond the Ballet, where young dancers will take the stage with seasoned stars from major theaters around the world. Smirnoff says of the nonprofit, “It’s a charity that brings art to disadvantaged kids ... I’m very excited about the foundation, what it’s doing, and being involved and being a part of it.”

Since being a part of “Dancing with the Stars” for the past 13 seasons, Smirnoff has seen her share of trophy-winning hopefuls strut their stuff on the dance floor. But only a few political types have dared to bust a move in front of a national audience — including former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), Tucker Carlson and Bristol Palin. Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, said she turned down an offer to appear on the show.

But Smirnoff, who’s currently partnered with Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones, says more should hop on the “Dancing” bandwagon: “I think to be able to allow our politicians to dance and express themselves and enjoy that as an emotional outlet would be something that we should look into.”

And the high-stepping celeb, 35, has a few words of wisdom for any future contestant, “Take it into perspective: you’re wearing spandex, rhinestones and heels. And a lot of times people take it really, really seriously.”

While ITK isn’t sure how Clinton would feel about spandex and rhinestones, Smirnoff adds, “I think as long as you enjoy it; know what it’s about; have fun; and laugh through everything, you’ll have a blast.”

Photo: (left) Karina Smirnoff/Courtesy of Dimitry Loiseau