A crowd of fashionable twenty and thirty-somethings packed The Powerhouse in Georgetown for a fete held by the National Journal, The Atlantic, and At the soiree, dubbed the “Making the News” party and called a “celebration of citizen journalism,"  a giant ball sculpture emblazoned with the word “social” sat in the middle of the packed space. Photos from Tumblr sites glared on television screens while club music was pumped throughout the premises.

Just a few miles away, in suburban Washington, an entirely different scene unfolded. At the “Off the Record” party hosted by Lanmark Technology CEO Lani Hay, Rock the Vote, Belvedere Vodka, and Hennessy Black, VIPs sipped pineapple-infused alcoholic beverages as they bobbed their heads during an unplugged performance by the rock band Live. Many guests at Hay’s home marveled at the quirky items throughout the residence, including chandeliers hanging beneath cocktail tables and a Swarovski crystal-encrusted toilet.

Late-night partygoers then flocked across town, for an intimate fete held by the website Funny or Die and cohosted by Impact Arts + Film Fund. Funny or Die promoted the event at Mount Vernon Square hotspot Hogo as a “no sponsor, no cameras, no press, no hassle party.” By 2 a.m., night owls were still keeping the party scene alive ahead of Saturday’s correspondents’ dinner at the Washington Hilton hotel.

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