'Top Chef' cast creates politically inspired dishes for post Correspondents' meal

But it turns out the first lady might not stamp her seal of her approval on the decadent drink. When we asked if the artichoke cappuccino was healthy, Mendelsohn replied with a smile, “It’s — it’s … delicious.” He quickly added, “Deliciously healthy.”

While chef Bart Vandaele crafted a “truffle egg royal,” complete with spiced pork belly and cheese foam that he said was inspired by Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) Cuban roots, Graffiato owner Mike Isabella created a cannoli espresso custard as an ode to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

Range owner and chef Bryan Voltaggio was anxious for James Caville to try his deviled eggs with bacon along with a blue crab role that drew inspiration from the veteran Democratic strategist.

Voltaggio said he was going for ease in feeding a big crowd rather than capturing Carville’s spitfire personality, “It’s simple. I was looking more for really good, rich food.” 

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