While Vitter will be ringing in his 52nd birthday, Risch is preparing to become a septuagenarian. When asked by ITK if turning 70 will be a tough birthday, a laughing Risch replies, “A tough one? How old are you, young lady? That’s insulting! That’s terrible!”

He then calmed down from his mock (we think) anger and said, “What I’m thankful for is my family and the other really good things I have in life. So it’s a time to reflect on that and not, like you said, have a tough birthday, but have a thankful birthday.”

Risch said he was unaware that he shared a birthday with two of his upper chamber colleagues, but quickly added, “I did know that I share a birthday with our governor.” Risch is right — Idaho governor and former Rep. Butch Otter (R) turns 71 on Friday.

When told that Wyden declared there was no birthday caucus, Risch agreed, saying, “No, there is no birthday caucus, thank goodness.”

So, does the birthday trio get each other presents?

“No, no, no,” Risch chuckled as he walked down a hallway in the Capitol.

Photo: Flickr