The “Go On” star, 43, first entered rehab back in 1997 for an addiction to the painkiller Vicodin.

Perry apparently made a big personal sacrifice for this latest congressional briefing at the Capitol Visitors Center. A fellow panelist noted that the entertainer had to miss seeing a game being played by his beloved hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings, in order to be on the Hill.

While Congress may be in a state of gridlock, Perry says he’s optimistic: "The last time we were here, we asked for money for this year, and we got it ... it feels like we're getting a lot of support."

The actor also spoke briefly about his earlier meeting Monday with President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, upon receiving an award at the White House presented to him by Office of National Drug Control Policy head Gil Kerlikowske for his work on the issue.  

"She was extremely supportive and had ideas of her own on how to support it," said Perry.  "She doesn't look like a person who minces words, so we're very optimistic about what she can bring to the table to support drug courts."

This story was updated to reflect a panelist mentioning Perry missing the Los Angeles Kings game.

Photo: Greg Nash