The first line in a synopsis for the book says, “Cynthia McKinney cut a trail through Congressional deceit like a hot ember through ash.” But hot embers are merely a lukewarm warm-up to the intense language that follows.

“She excoriated government lassitude over Hurricane Katrina, uncovering dark secrets,” the description says.

The publisher isn’t exactly subtle with praise for the six-term House member, who ran for president after losing to now-Rep. Hank Johnson (Ga.) in the 2006 Democratic primary. She lost that race primarily because of a well-publicized altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer.

McKinney says Republicans rigged that primary, though the website states “McKinney rose again like a Phoenix, answering the call to run as a 2008 Green Party candidate for president, challenging the corrupt two-party stranglehold on American democracy.”

In case the reader hasn’t gotten the picture yet: “Often introduced as the Sojourner Truth, the Harriet Tubman of our age, McKinney reflects here on the Biblical figures of Esther, Deborah and Naomi.”

Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom — or as ITK might dub it, Ain’t Nothing Like Cynthia McKinney — is available as an e-book and paperback.