Abdul-Jabbar laughed when asked what his favorite children’s book was.

“Well, that’s a loaded question! Of course I want to say my own,” he replied. But tales by adventure writers Rudyard Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson -- including The Jungle Book and Treasure Island -- filled the bookshelf of the basketball legend’s childhood bedroom.

What Color is My World profiles some of the lesser-known black inventors, such as Fred Jones, the inventor of the refrigerated truck. Abdul-Jabbar is a well-known history buff and was quick to recount how Alexander Hamilton was involved in the relocation of the nation’s capitol to Washington, D.C., or how Shirley Chisholm was one of the first black women to serve in Congress.

“Well, I think that being the nation’s capitol gives it a certain gravitas. But that’s the only reason for its existence,” said Abdul-Jabbar, when asked how playing the game in D.C. is different than anywhere else. When asked if he would play a game with anyone in particular in D.C., Abdul-Jabbar gave an unexpected answer.

Susan Rice. I heard she’s a good player."