That’s not to say it hasn’t been mentioned before by ex-staffers.

“I ran into a couple of folks who worked for President Bush, and they’d seen the movie, and they thought it was hilarious,” Penn said.

The “How I Met Your Mother” regular, who moved on from his administration job and is now working on a new Discovery Channel show, also says he was surprised that his film resume wasn’t a part of the interview process for his White House gig.

“In fact, you go through this background clearance, and I thought they were going to ask me about these movies. One of the questions was, ‘Have you ever been fired from a job?’ And I said yes. ‘For what?’ For not being funny enough.”

He explains, “I got fired from a sitcom 10 years ago. But that question is really if you embezzled money or something.”

Photo: Wikimedia