DeGette (who won’t be facing her own 60th birthday for another five years) explained to ITK in an email the thinking behind her laugh-worthy gift: “Congressman Perlmutter has one of those fitness bracelets that tracks the number of steps he takes everyday and I’ve seen firsthand that if he doesn’t get his 10,000 steps in every day, he’ll go to great lengths to make sure he does.”

Photo: JFKLibrary.orgShe continued, “I’m a little worried that with his advancing age he may start needing a cane as he endeavors to get all those steps in every day.”

How thoughtful.

Perlmutter seemed to agree, remarking in an email to ITK, “Diana's gift was very thoughtful — it's compliant with both airport and Capitol security measures."

Even Perlmutter’s family apparently couldn’t resist a few lighthearted jabs at his increasing maturity.

Perlmutter’s wife, Nancy, bought him a poster of John F. Kennedy with the slogan, “Leadership for the 60’s.” [sic]

And his mother, Alice, began to tell a story to the crowd at his birthday party by saying the four-term lawmaker didn’t date much in high school.

But Perlmutter seemed to take his birthday party (or roast) in stride, telling us, “The good thing is with all the 60th birthday parties for me this year, no one will notice when I turn 61!"