Barbour told The Hill he used to really enjoy impressionist art, but he now appreciates it in all its forms.

Ed Rogers, a former staffer in the George H.W. Bush White House who founded BGR Group with Barbour and now serves as its chairman, disclosed that he’s a fan of collecting paintings of women in flowers. He had his own description for the nation’s capital in art terms, saying it’s a “sui generis masterpiece.”

“It’s its own thing," he said. “There’s none other.”

Rogers also didn’t hold back praise for his former boss’s son’s own try at the easel. Former President George W. Bush made headlines earlier this year after self-portraits depicting him in the bathtub came to light. Rogers said the ex-commander in chief’s images "provoke a lot of thought, especially if you know him a bit." He added, “You don’t 100 percent know if he’s pulling your leg or not.”