ITK had to get to the bottom of why the lawmaker’s hubcaps went AWOL. Fortunately, his office assures us no criminal forces on Capitol Hill were at work that might have led to the disappearance of the pricey parts. Communications Director Andrea Pivarunas tells ITK, “Three of his hubcaps have disappeared at different times over the last few years, and one is in his trunk.”

She said her boss also requested that she disclose the car has 327,865 miles on it. Holy mileage milestone!

An online check of hubcap prices for the make and model of Griffith’s car finds they can run anywhere from $25 to $65 each.

When we inquired whether Griffith, an attorney by trade, had any plans to replace the missing covers, Pivarunas replied in an email, “No, because some might argue that the hubcaps would be worth more than the car itself.”

Photo: Flickr