When we asked when her boss would be able to lace up for ice hockey again, Sisemore replied with a laugh, “It depends on if you ask his doctor versus if you ask him.”

The bad news is doctors are saying Quigley may have to wait until October before he takes his next slap shot. But, as Sisemore says, “You can’t keep a good hockey fan down.”

Quigley’s been doing his best to stay in fighting form for his eventual return to the ice, even attempting to score (with just one leg and a crutch) during a recent street hockey event with his beloved Chicago Blackhawks at a Chicago elementary school.

The lawmaker, who has been dubbed the Blackhawks’ “biggest fan in D.C.” says he can’t wait to get back on the active roster: “No one likes being on the injured reserve list when their team is in the Stanley Cup Finals, even just fans like me. I’ll take the summer to rest up and do some rehab on my leg, but I look forward to being back on the ice this fall.”

Photos: (left) Quigley attempting to make a shot on one leg. (right) Quigley talking to Blackhawks legend Denis Savard at a recent event in Chicago. / Courtesy of office of Rep. Mike Quigley