Lawmakers suggest baby names for Prince William and Duchess Kate

As for a girl, the dad of three proposed “Margaret,” saying that “the royal family needs more Margarets. The world needs more Margarets.”

Coons might not be that far off with his suggestion for a name befitting a future queen. A United Kingdom betting site is currently taking wagers on what name William and Kate will bestow on their first kiddo. While Margaret is given 40-1 odds, Alexandra tops the list for girls’ names, with a 3-2 chance of being the royal choice. James takes the No. 1 spot among boys’ names, at 8-1. 

Other lawmakers were apprehensive about doling out potential names for any heirs or heiresses to the throne.

Sen. Bob Casey disclosed he and his wife, Terese, had some help with picking out names for all four of their daughters.

“If you get a good name book, that gives you some options. We narrowed it down that way. My wife is a very thorough researcher,” the Pennsylvania Democrat said with a smile.

Asked as he entered a senators-only elevator for any bright ideas regarding a baby name, a seemingly flustered Sen. Bob Corker responded with a chuckle that he and an aide would have to think about it.

ITK eyed the Tennessee Republican again later that day as he was riding up a Senate subway escalator. He shouted across the escalators, “I’m still thinking about it!” before asking your dutiful ITK columnist’s name. “Judy — that’s it!” he exclaimed.

Somehow we don’t foresee a “Judy Wales” crawling around Buckingham Palace.

But one member of the upper chamber had no problem providing an eponymous recommendation.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) deadpanned, “James Mountain Inhofe, that’d be a good name, wouldn’t it?”

— Brina Chu contributed

Photo: Wikimedia

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