Saying “we need to make a smart and fast decision without any political drama,” Van Susteren says she knows Ruppersberger (who she notes is a frequent guest on her show and an “old friend” of her husband) is “fair, bipartisan, a hard worker and that he gives a damn.”

When asked about Van Susteren’s (unsolicited) endorsement, Ruppersberger spokeswoman Jaime Lennon, told ITK that her boss is “focused on the job he was elected to do but he thinks it would be an interesting challenge.”

Lennon added of the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, “He certainly has a unique combination of management, law enforcement, and national security experience to do the job.”

But Van Susteren’s suggestion might not make its way all the way to the Oval Office. The TV personality concludes her recommendation by writing, “PS Too bad the President has not asked me for my advice! :)”