GOP lawmaker: Jay-Z’s new album is ‘pretty sick’

Radel, 37, praises the latest effort that was released earlier this month, saying only Jay-Z “can pull off a #hiphop ode to Kurt Cobain and REM.” He adds, “Not just an ode.. But lyrical references! Pretty sick.”

The congressman’s love of the phrase “sick” is apparent in his rapid-fire Twitter postings — he deploys it no less than three times throughout his quickie critique.

Radel writes of another Jay-Z track. 

He says the song “BBC” has a “sick flow” and “smooth beat.” Another tune called “Nickels and Dimes” is a “solid track” but “kinda dark,” according to the lawmaker. Radel “loves” the “old school synths” on the song “Crown,” noting its “solid beats.” And “Somewhere in America” is dubbed a “helluva track.” 

Radel writes that his review came about after being asked “several times” about Jay-Z’s new album. Pretty sick.