Baucus spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue tells ITK, “Max is a big fan of anything from the Blackfoot River Brewing Company in his hometown of Helena, Montana.” 

She says her boss is also “really excited” about the new Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Ale being unveiled by his home state’s Tamarack Brewing Company (it’s in honor of Baucus’s bill to help preserve the Rocky Mountain Front).

Camp’s office says simply that the congressman’s beverage of choice is the Michigan-brewed Bell’s Oberon Ale. The “classic summer beer” is described on the brewery’s website as “mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas.”

We hear in addition to their favorite drinks, a pitcher of Miller Lite is always present at the lunches.

As for burgers, both lawmakers like to keep it simple. While Baucus “prefers anything made from world-class Montana beef,” Camp digs “good old-fashioned homemade burgers on the grill.”

Photo: Flickr