In a Facebook message posted Monday, the Washington Republican explains that her unborn child was diagnosed weeks ago with Potter’s Sequence: “Multiple doctors explained that based on medical evidence her condition was incompatible with life and that, if she survived to term, she would be unable to breathe and live only moments after birth. “

The 34-year-old congresswoman writes she and her husband prayed for a miracle. The couple also tried an “unproven treatment by amniofusion” in which doctors would inject saline into the womb in order to give Abigail’s lungs a chance to develop.

Herrera Beutler says she went into pre-term labor a day after the fifth infusion.

“The doctors and nurses were prepared for the worst,” Herrera Beutler wrote on Facebook, “but immediately after she was born, she drew a breath and cried! After a few minutes, it was clear that her lungs were very well developed for a baby born so early. The infusions had stopped the Potter’s Sequence.”

The lawmaker says, “As far as every doctor we’ve spoken with knows, Abigail is the first baby with bilateral renal agenesis to breathe sustainably on her own.”

While little Abigail will need “ongoing care” after she returns home with the first-time parents, Herrera Beutler says, “we have every expectation that she will lead a full and healthy life."