OK, so their backgrounds don’t exactly sound identical. But beyond their obvious physical resemblance, our tipster, a House staffer, points out a mannerism they share: “Whenever either makes a mistake, they keep on going without missing a beat.”

The ITK reader explains, “As any avid C-SPAN viewer knows, when the reading clerk makes a mistake, he always keeps on rolling and takes it in stride.”

And how about the word-spitting musician? “On many of Bronson’s studio-released songs, such as ‘Pouches of Tuna,’ he can be heard making mistakes — actual mistakes — and while any other artist would have scrapped those takes and retracked them, through sheer improvisational wit, he rolled with it and kept them for the album’s final cuts.”

Photo: (left) Action Bronson / Courtesy: Getty Images (right) House Reading Clerk Joe Novotny / Courtesy: C-SPAN