Apparently even Tim Geithner has trouble at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

A “frazzled-looking” Geithner was eyed at a DMV in Yonkers, N.Y., on Thursday reportedly attempting to switch his driver’s license and vehicle tags from an old address in Maryland to one in New York.

“We’re having glitches,” his wife, Carole, revealed to The Journal News as her husband spoke with an agent at the department.

Geithner’s DMV plight may sound familiar to any motorist who’s twiddled his thumbs at the DMV. Carole Geithner explained, “Even though we brought every document known to man to do it, the bar code on his license was worn out, so that’s a problem.”

She added to the paper, “And now, I don’t know why — with one of [the cars], they’re having trouble transferring it.”

Geithner, 51, left the Treasury Department earlier this year.

No word on whether the Brooklyn native was successful in obtaining his new license and tags.