Rep. Doyle enters his 60s 25 lbs. lighter

Although he says “I hadn’t ridden a bicycle since I was like 15-years-old,” Doyle’s brother, an avid bicyclist, would join him for rides. “My first ride on a bike, besides being shaky on it, I could go about 10 miles,” he recalls.

But all that pedaling appears to have paid off.

Last weekend, Doyle’s family watched at the finish line as he completed a 104-mile charity ride from Washington to Dewey Beach, Del., raising more than $30,000 for autism research.

“Earlier in the year I probably wouldn’t want to celebrate my 60th birthday,” admits the ten-term congressman. But now, he says, “My family’s all together, I’m in better shape today than I was a year ago, and we raised some money for charity.”

And after all his calorie burning throughout the year, Doyle plans on splurging — at least a little bit — on his big day. Saying he’s a “lover of ice cream,” but can’t have it in his own house because “I’ll get up at 2 in the morning and eat it,” Doyle will have his fill of frozen desserts while celebrating his birthday at the beach. When he gets home to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, “I’ll get back on my exercise program and try to be a sensible eater.”

All in all, the new sexagenarian says with a laugh, “This has actually been a better birthday than I thought it would.”