Clinton's eight years as a White House resident didn’t stop others from delivering a little bit of tough love, too.

After another heart disease doctor and author, Caldwell Esselstyn, spotted an Internet photo of Clinton munching on a dinner roll at a banquet, he shot off an email to the 42nd president.

“I’ll remind you one more time,” he wrote, “I’ve treated a lot of vegans for heart disease.”


Rather than loading up on burgers and fries, Clinton tells AARP’s August/September issue his usual meals these days include almond milk smoothies, green salads with beans, and quinoa.

"The main thing that was hard for me actually — much harder than giving up meat, turkey, chicken and fish — was giving up yogurt and hard cheese," Clinton says. "I love that stuff, but it really made a big difference when I did it."

Photo: Getty Images