Asked by the Philadelphia Daily News in an interview published Sunday if she’s expecting a new grandchild anytime soon, Margolies, 71, replied, “Not that I know of.”

When pressed by the paper about a possible “heir to Clintonia,” Margolies, who raised 11 kids with ex-husband and former Rep. Edward Mezvinsky (D-Iowa), said, “Do you know how many grandchildren I have? I have a ton of grandchildren. Eighteen. So there's no pressure from here.”

And, at this point, don’t expect a major campaign push from her famous relatives. Margolies says of her Clinton connection, “I really want to run on what I've done. They've been very nice about my doing this, but I think it's way too premature to talk in terms of whether, when — all this kind of stuff. It's terribly important to underscore that I've run several races without worrying about the Clintons' coattails and have won. I really want to run on my own bona fides.”

Margolies says while she’s “talked about” her congressional campaign with the former White House residents, she says she’s “not counting on them.”