Asked what his favorite part of the movie was, Obama said it was "probably some of the jokes Cuba Gooding told" — before warning that "we can't repeat them on air."

In the film, Gooding played Carter Wilson, a head butler at the White House who befriends the protagonist.

Obama also heaped praise on Winfrey for her performance as the wife of the film's main character. 

"Oprah, my girl, she can act," Obama said. "She’s just a wonderful actress. So I’m glad they did it."

The president went on to say that the first family was warmly received by the White House wait staff upon moving into the executive mansion in 2009, and that he believed many saw him as a signal of progress.

"When we first arrived, when Michelle and the girls just — first arrived, they could not have been kinder to us and warmer to us," Obama said. "And part of it, I suspect, is they look at Malia and Sasha and they say, well, this looks like my grandbaby, or this looks like my daughter.' And I think for them to have a sense that we’ve come that far was a powerful moment for them, and certainly a powerful moment for us."