King indicated Cruz might be one of several GOP candidates to snag a hunting invitation, telling The Des Moines Register, “Hopefully, we will be able to go out and do a lot of hunting in the name of presidential campaigns. I think that is a good cause.”

King also hasn't rule out a 2016 White House bid. 

Cruz’s press secretary tells the local paper that her boss is “honored to have received the invite.”

Because ITK hasn’t heard back from Cruz’s office about whether he’s a good shot, we figured we’d give him a few pointers before he encounters any pheasants.

According to, it’s important for pheasant hunters to invest in two important components: a good dog and a good shotgun.

The site recommends hunters “walk around an area in a ‘S’ pattern so that you cover all the ground” while keeping the pooch near you, but not too close.

After aiming “ahead of the bird, in the direction of flight,” it’s time to ready ... aim ... fire!

“If you hit the bird and killed it, good job,” the website says.

Photo: Wikimedia