“We knew that things would get really crazy back on the Hill right after recess so we knew with all the fiscal battles it would be tough to get away,” Rayder told ITK a day after taking the plunge.

The pair finally decided to hold off on their honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia until December, keeping their “fingers crossed” that another New Year’s Eve fiscal cliff-type threat doesn’t derail their getaway.

They celebrated their Sunday wedding at The Fairfax at Embassy Row, which happened to be the same venue where Wasserman Schultz was sworn in as the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Rayder, 34, who has worked for the congresswoman for nearly a decade, says his boss “let loose and had a good time” at the nuptials. “I definitely saw her dancing when the band did the song ‘Shout,’ which was really funny,” he says.

And she apparently didn’t hold back when delivering a toast to her staffer and his 29-year-old bride.

Wasserman Schultz, a mom of three, recalled first interviewing Rayder when she was still nursing one of her children.

“She wanted everyone to know that she knew she was going to hire me when she was breastfeeding her newborn, Shelby, and I basically had to interview with her when she was breastfeeding,” says Rayder.

“She knew I was right for her when she saw that I did not flinch, I was completely calm when she was breastfeeding her child.”

Calling the wedding “fantastic,” now the couple is off on a “mini-moon” before making their return to Capitol Hill.

But the pair credits their congressional careers — they met on the Hill — with aiding in the stars aligning for them. Rayder tells us, “The unique interest that we have in politics and both working on the Hill obviously had something to do with the whole connection.”