New Orleans restaurants sending Scalise daily food deliveries
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A string of New Orleans restaurants is reportedly making daily deliveries to ensure that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who is still recovering from a gunshot wound, doesn’t have to live without Louisiana cuisine while he recuperates in Washington.

It’s been nearly three months since Scalise, a New Orleans native, was gravely wounded when a gunman attacked GOP lawmakers outside of D.C. while they practiced for the charity Congressional Baseball Game. In late July, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center, and that’s when the Cajun cooking started coming in.

“These weeks since the shooting are the longest Steve has ever been away, and he’s eager to get home as soon as his doctors say he’s able,” spokesman Chris Bond told The Advocate in an article published Tuesday. “But in the meantime, he’s blessed to know that friends and family are going to make sure he gets some good Louisiana cooking to fuel his healing and rehabilitation. He is a man whose heart is full of thanks, and this is one of many reasons for that.”


On Monday, the Saints lost their season-opener to the Minnesota Vikings, but the team arranged for Scalise to watch the game with “Dome nachos” and shrimp po-boys.

Other local flavors that have traveled the 1,000-plus miles from New Orleans to D.C. for the Republican lawmaker include stuffed artichokes, roasted oysters and shrimp remoulade.

Tommy Cvitanovich, proprietor of Drago’s Seafood Restaurant and leader of the whip-feeding effort, told The Advocate there are eateries “lined up” to contribute.

“He’s a friend, and he’s a true advocate for the hospitality culture of New Orleans and Louisiana,” Cvitanovich said.

He added: “The cool thing about the restaurateurs in New Orleans is that while we compete, we are very tight, we are each other’s best friends. The word travels among our group, and people step up.”

Last month, Scalise called into a conference call among GOP lawmakers, saying he is eager to join them back at the Capitol.