Anthony Scaramucci came face-to-face with Mario Cantone, the comedian who mercilessly mocked him on late-night TV, during an appearance on "The View" early Friday.

The former White House communications director met his TV doppelganger during a surprise appearance by Cantone while Scaramucci was guest co-hosting “The View.”

Cantone, who portrayed Scaramucci on Comedy Central’s “The President Show,” immediately whipped out his impersonation of the one-time White House official.

“Thanks for having me the whole hour, Joy. I really appreciate it,” Cantone told “View” co-host Joy Behar. “I’m not used to sticking around that long in any one place,” Cantone cracked.

Scaramucci famously got the boot from his communications director job in July after just 10 days at the White House.

“There’s not a lot of job security in the White House,” Cantone said, as Scaramucci grinned next to him. “I want to say something to [White House press secretary] Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it’s an old Italian expression my mother used to use when things weren’t meant to last: rent, don’t buy.”

“She’s gonna make it,” Scaramucci interjected, saying of Sanders, “She’s great.”

Cantone then broke character to exclaim to Scaramucci, whose mother was sitting in “The View” audience, “This is horrifying that I have to do this in front of your mother!”

“Mom, blow Mario a kiss,” Scaramucci replied.

Cantone and Scaramucci shook hands and embraced each other in a hug as the segment ended.