Bruce Springsteen: I don't feel need to write anti-Trump songs
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Singer Bruce Springsteen said in a new interview that he doesn't feel the urge to write songs bashing President Trump.

"I’m not driven to write any anti-Trump diatribe; that doesn’t feel necessary at the moment," Springsteen said in an interview with Variety published on Tuesday, adding that his upcoming solo record is "not topical at all."


The singer behind hit albums like "Born to Run" and "Born in the U.S.A." went on to say that criticism of Trump is "everywhere and all over, ya know? It feels a little redundant to me at the moment. And, once again, I always try to look at what I can deliver that’s personal to me and of most value. The audience has a wide variety of needs; whatever you’re writing, you’re trying to meet your own need."

Springsteen repeatedly fired off criticism at Trump before the president took office, calling him a “moron,” questioning his competency to lead and saying his campaign is "a tragedy for our democracy."

Despite his record of blasting Trump, he said it would be "an abuse" for a music artist to drop the entertainment aspect of playing music and solely use the stage to amplify political positions.

"I still believe people fundamentally come to music to be entertained — yes, to address their daily concerns, and yes, also to address political topics, I believe music can do that well," Springsteen said.

"People want you to go deeper than politics, they want you to reach inside to their most personal selves and their deepest struggles with their daily lives and reach that place; that’s the place I’m always trying to reach. I’d never make a record that’s just polemical, I wouldn’t release it if I did."