Lindsay Lohan may try to sue senator after remark during hearing
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Actress Lindsay Lohan's parents are reportedly pushing her to sue Sen. John KennedyJohn Neely KennedyMORE (R-La.) after he made a sarcastic reference apparently to her battle with substance abuse during a Senate hearing on the Equifax data breach on Wednesday. 

“You realize to many Americans right now, that looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the mini-bar," Kennedy said during the hearing, referring to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awarding Equifax with a no-bid contract after 145 million people had their personal information compromised with the company was breached last month. 

The actress has struggled with substance abuse in the past.

Michael Lohan originally said in a statement to Gossip Cop that he and Dina Lohan were seeking legal counsel to file a lawsuit against the senator. 

"His comment and analogy was inappropriate, slanderous and unwarranted. How dare he associate Lindsay with this case? Tell me, does he have a family member or friend with a former addiction problem? Wow, and he’s a senator?” Michael Lohan said. 

Lohan later issued a statement saying he would not be seeking legal counsel, but was encouraging his daughter to do so. 

"While Dina and I realize we can’t sue Senator Kennedy for his bullying statements, Lindsay can. I advised her to seek counsel through a friend who is a well-known federal attorney in New Orleans," he said.

 “This has got to stop. Lindsay has turned her life around and does wonderful humanitarian work," he said. 

The actress then tweeted a selfie on Friday of her with a bottle of water, saying "This is the only thing I keep in my mini bar these days - glad I found they are helping me out."

It is unclear whether Kennedy has legal immunity for his comments during the hearing under the Constitution's Speech or Debate Clause, which protects members of Congress for their legislative acts.