Kimmel: Trump a 'people pleaser' trying to win applause

Jimmy Kimmel said in a new interview that President Trump is a “people pleaser” who will say anything to win applause.

"You see that when he goes to one of these rallies, and I think he's the sort of man that will say whatever gets a big cheer," the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host told USA Today.

“I just feel like if he was surrounded by a lot of good people, we'd be in a much better position,” Kimmel said.

“And if people were cheering for things like universal health care and real action on climate change, he would gravitate toward those things,” Kimmel — whose show has seen a ratings surge as his jokes and monologues have become increasingly political — added. “I think we need a way to make that happen. We need a big rally for him in which positive things are rewarded with praise.”

Asked if his role as ABC’s late-night funnyman has changed since Trump became commander in chief, Kimmel replied, “My philosophy, if I have such a thing, has always been to give my take on the news of the day, and that goes back to when I was in radio. It just so happens that our president is a very interesting character and is dominating the news, and will sometimes do three or four remarkable things in a day's time.”

“I wish he would slow down a little, because it's hard keeping up with him. You thought the Kardashians were hard to keep up with — Mr. Trump is even cagier,” Kimmel, 49, quipped.

Kimmel — who made an emotional plea for ObamaCare in May after revealing his newborn son was born with a heart defect — defended the political focus on his program, saying he doesn’t fret about alienating viewers: “If you pasteurize your show, you'll be the worse for it.”

While he’s previously said he’d love to have Trump sit down on his couch as a guest, Kimmel also offered an invitation to the vice president.

“I would be interested in interviewing Mike PenceMichael (Mike) Richard PencePence allies worried he'll be called to answer questions from Mueller: report Trump thought it was ‘low class’ for Pence to bring pets to VP residence: report Pence told RNC he could replace Trump on ticket after 'Access Hollywood' tape came out: report MORE, for sure. Not that he'd be candid, but I'd love to know what's going on,” Kimmel told the newspaper.

“In a way, I think he's the most interesting character in this whole story, just the position he's put himself in. I wonder what his goals are, what his ambitions and what his real beliefs are. I feel we don't necessarily know.”