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E! Channel star to hit DC streets

Lawmakers, and other Washingtonians, might want to brush up on their D.C. smarts: Ross Mathews is headed to the nation’s capital, and he’s coming equipped with trivia questions.

ITK hears the E! channel personality, who got his start as an...


Men's mag keeping watch on 'worst-dressed' lawmaker

The Hill's Judy Kurtz joins "Good Day D.C." to discuss lawmakers' fashion.

Longtime RNC staffer reflects on 50 years

When Maurice “Moe” Middleton started at the Republican National Committee (RNC), President Johnson was still in office, an average new home in the United States cost about $19,000, and an album from a new British group The Beatles had just been released in America.

While presidents, housing prices, and the Billboard charts have changed over the years, Middleton is still showing up for work each day, just as he has for the past 50 years.