In The Know

Behind-the-scenes at the Concert for Valor

The Hill's In The Know columnist Judy Kurtz joins "Good Day D.C." to recap the highlights from the Concert for Valor.

Authors: ‘Social climbing is democracy in action’

Social self-advancement in Washington is “pretty much just about influence and money,” says author Dirk Wittenborn. He would know — the screenwriter and his niece, Jazz Johnson, just penned The Social Climber’s Bible, a satirical take on the “art” of getting ahead.


Fox News’s Peter Doocy: A Dave Matthews fan with a Kate Upton crush

He’s used to being in front of the cameras, but when Peter Doocy arrived in the nation’s capital, he wasn’t exactly thrilled to be snapped by a certain lens. “The traffic cameras on New York Avenue” gave the Fox News Washington correspondent a not-so-warm welcome on his very first day in the District.