In what turned out to be the single best moment of yesterday's Sunday morning political chat-fests, CBS's Bob Scheiffer, host of "Face the Nation," asked Obama crony David Axelrod, quite simply, "Is that the best you can do?" The New York Times and other media outlets have plainly said the Democrats are wrong.

The Democrats' unsubstantiated, unproven, false and desperate charges that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is funding its independent-expenditure political ads with foreign donations has backfired on the party. President Obama has had to walk back his comments making the charge. Sen. Al FrankenAlan (Al) Stuart FrankenShould the Rob Porter outcome set the standard? Grassley, Dems step up battle over judicial nominees Sen. Gillibrand, eyeing 2020 bid, rankles some Democrats MORE (D-Minn.) has been forced to admit that nothing illegal occurred. With secret, anonymous, untraceable donations flowing into the Obama campaign in 2008 (remember those untraceable prepaid credit card donations?) and unions receiving foreign money contributing to Democrats and running ads, will Obama and the Democratic National Committee now pledge to end those practices?
This latest play by the Democrats smacks of desperation and seems more like something they might try the weekend before Election Day, when there isn't time for the media to fact-check their smears and set the record straight, rather than tossing this stinker out there three weeks before voters go to the polls. It pretty much answers Bob Schieffer's question, too. This really is the best the Democrats can do. After two years of failed Obama policies, this is all they have in their arsenal.