The Tea Party and fiscal governance

For the immediate term, the Tea Party affected politics in Washington dramatically.

The outcry forced many liberal candidates to run away from their records or actively campaign against the Obama administration platform, like Sen.-elect Joe ManchinJoe ManchinPennsylvania Senate rivals use Trump, Clinton as ammunition Democrats block energy spending bill over Iran amendment Coal Country’s top lawyer takes on Obama’s EPA MORE of West Virginia, who sounds more Republican than Sen. Olympia Snowe.

It certainly reminded Republicans of their disastrous economic policies that focused on expanding government and buying off voters to create a mythical “permanent majority” of the Bush era.

Hopefully, it also reminded the Democrats that America is not as left-leaning as they thought.

But will the Tea Party have a lasting effect of pulling government largess back? That remains to be seen.

It is my hope that everyday Americans will continue to make their voices heard when government oversteps its bounds, no matter which party it affects. Our government must serve the people’s interest first and foremost, not partisan ideology; after all, they work for us.

Will the Tea Party-elected candidates finally make both parties fiscally responsible in the new Congress?

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