Well, well, well. Now we know: Beneath the superficial self-confidence of Republicans discussing healthcare, they are truly terrified of Democrats offering amendments to their alleged healthcare repeal bill.

It would be fitting and appropriate for Speaker John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerA warning to Ryan’s successor: The Speakership is no cakewalk With Ryan out, let’s blow up the process for selecting the next Speaker Race for Republican Speaker rare chance to unify party for election MORE (R-Ohio) to bring up healthcare under an open rule, or a bipartisan rule allowing several Democratic amendments. Looks like he won't. Looks like will break one of his major campaign promises to open up the House almost immediately after the swearing-in. If he does, Republicans will regret breaking a major campaign promise, and so shortly after the elections.

Read my lips: The Republicans bring no change!

Make no mistake, former and possibly future Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has her team planning ways to get votes for Democratic healthcare amendments, on one vehicle or another.

House Republicans should man up, and offer Democrats the opportunity for amendments they promised during the campaign.

It is fun to watch Republicans fearing Democratic healthcare amendments. It will be fun to watch when Nancy Pelosi makes her move when the time is right to strike.

My advice to Republicans: Don't be afraid,. Keep your promises. Open up the rule. Allow the amendments, because sooner or later they are coming. The Republicans can run on healthcare, but they can't hide, which is why they are afraid.