Yesterday there was an “election” in Wisconsin. It was necessary because a host of fake Republican candidates filed to run as Democrats. Silliness, pure and simple.

This was all part of the recall effort that both Republicans and Democrats have engaged in as a result of Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the Republicans' decision to go after teachers and public employees.

Instead of just running the candidates in one election, the Republicans put up their “protest” candidates, all of whom lost. A ploy to run Republicans masquerading as Democrats and create a totally unnecessary election.

Now, mind you, this is ostensibly the party that does very little except talk about cutting the budget and saving the taxpayers money. All in the name of fiscal responsibility, standing up to government, right?

Well, this little charade cost Wisconsin taxpayers over $400,000, according to Talking Points Memo. Money that could have been spent on schools, medical care, public safety. But, no, the Republicans in Wisconsin staged a silly farce of an election that was a total and complete waste of money and time.

Maybe the Republicans will pay for this duplicitous, hypocritical scheme. Let's hope so.