The Democratic victory in Wisconsin sends a red-alert warning to House Republicans that Speaker Pelosi might be coming back.

Democrats fell short of the three seats they needed to take control of the Wisconsin Senate, but winning two seats in seven Republican districts is a big win for Democrats and an ominous warning for Republicans.

Do the math. If two out of seven House Republicans lose in 2012, Democrats win a huge majority in the House. And when the recall petition for Gov. Scott Walker is finalized early next year, he is in big trouble, because in a statewide vote, Democratic districts will vote alongside Republican districts.

Don't be surprised if Wisconsin Democrats find another Republican state senator to recall along with the Republican governor.

In Washington, House Republicans can spin all they want, but they have much reason to be worried, and they are worried. If two out of seven of them lose in 2012, Speaker Pelosi will be back with a big majority.