Exit polls in Wisconsin showed that while taxpayers do not want essential services cut in favor of a few, they are not jumping for Mitt Romney.

An Edison Research exit poll showed that the president polled ahead of Mitt Romney 51 percent to 44 despite Badger State Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) win in his recall election.

The main reason was because the majority of voters (60 percent) agreed that the recall election was not necessary for the newly elected governor, and said recall elections should only be used in cases of “official misconduct.”

The taxpayers understand austerity measures and holding the line on taxes, but when Romney speaks of no defense spending cuts in favor of all else, he loses the argument for austerity. The taxpayers are ready for real cuts in entitlements and defense and social services, but they don't see how defense can remain a sacred cow.

I trust Scott Walker to do the right things to get his state back on track. I cannot say the same about Mitt and so far, many who detest what Obama has done still cannot embrace Romney with the passion they showed for Scott Walker.

Romney must get serious about fiscal solutions that show he will fix the problem. He has to prove to the American people that he will be more than just a four-year placeholder in our crisis. Otherwise, someone else must do what he failed to do when the stakes will be much more extreme.