The enduring value of virtue and the timeless tragedy of vice are neither a vestige of Athens nor a unique phenomenon of the 21st century. They are, in fact, enduring principles that have governed the domain of angels and demons since the dawn of time.

Through the storm of war, famine, poverty and economic collapse these ageless signposts have guided and governed the actions of men from Eden to Babylon, from Rome to Washington.

Although the pace of change, globalization and access to information and systems that were once the sole right of the nation-state are rapidly evolving, our moral compass, our sense of virtue must remain true. If we walk away from these enduring signposts that will guide us all from tragedy, you will suffer as will those around you.

Virtue is not intended to restrict man but rather to act as a beacon that shapes one's actions and guides your life. With virtue all things are possible. Without virtue you are damning yourself to a Dante circle of hell. An endless cycle of pain and suffering. Virtue is in fact the lighthouse that must guide you through your journey. In times of great strain it is the only thing that will get you safely to shore!