Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenScaramucci deletes old tweets bashing Trump Trump's new communications chief once called him a 'hack' OPINION | Hey Dems, Russia won't define 2018, so why not fix your party's problems instead? MORE is one of the most exciting and uplifting Democratic candidates in many years. She is the voice of workingmen and -women, the champion of consumers and homeowners and the fighter for fairness for American heroes who wear the uniform, as well as their families at home. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock will leave a different legacy in this election: They dramatize the Republican problem with women, and the Republican problem with rape.

Elizabeth Warren will be a powerful voice for the people of Massachusetts if she is elected to the Senate. She is the true independent who is unbought and unbossed. She would be a breath of fresh air in the Senate. It is sad to see her opponent, Scott Brown, reduced to attacking her ancestry and trying to hide the fact that a vote for Scott Brown is a vote for the most reactionary Republican senators, who would have power over Massachusetts if Republicans do take control.

As for Akin and Mourdock, the former talks about legitimate rape and the latter claims that God wants raped women to become pregnant. As for Paul RyanPaul RyanGOP divided over care for transgender troops Want bipartisan health reform? Make the debate honest again Ex-CBO directors defend against GOP attacks on ObamaCare analysis MORE, he has one of the worst records on matters involving women, from his opposition to pay equity for women to his advocacy of eliminating a woman's right to choose. As for Mitt Romney, here is the Republican shame:

When Akin made his outrageous comments, Republicans, including Romney, rushed to distance themselves from him. And then they rushed right back to champion his candidacy. When Mourdock made his outrageous comments, Republicans did not even pretend; they stand firmly behind him.

Are Republicans so hungry for power that they would say anything, do anything and support anyone? Women will remember on Election Day. As for me:

I am proud to support Elizabeth Warren to be senator from Massachusetts.

I am proud to support Claire McCaskillClaire McCaskillFederal Election Commission must not shy away from Russia probe Senate Dems warn potential Missouri GOP recruit with opposition research dump GOP rep declines Senate bid challenging McCaskill MORE to be reelected and to keep fighting for farmers and workers in Missouri against Republicans who obstruct a farm bill, oppose pay equity for women and attack jobs bills that would help all women.

I am proud to support Heidi HeitkampHeidi HeitkampRegulatory experts push Senate leaders for regulatory reform Why governors hold power in the battle for GOP healthcare votes Vulnerable senators raise big money ahead of 2018 MORE for Senate, a courageous woman who fought for her own life to defeat breast cancer and fights for workers and farmers and consumers throughout North Dakota.

I am proud to support Shelley Berkley in her comeback campaign that puts her within reach of winning the Senate seat in Nevada to continue her battles on behalf of Nevada homeowners, workers and consumers.

I am proud to support Joe DonnellyJoe DonnellyIndiana GOP rep: Likely primary opponent 'lying about my family' Dem senator to sell stock in family company that uses outsourced labor Vulnerable senators raise big money ahead of 2018 MORE for the Senate seat in Indiana, to succeed a great man, Dick Lugar, and to seek to end the gridlock in Washington that has done so much to increase our deficit and do great harm to farmers and workers throughout the Hoosier State.

These Democrats make me proud. Those Republicans who speak of legitimate rape and who believe that God wants raped women to become pregnant are as shameful as Republicans such as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who support them.