Imagine a new United States senator who is a Hispanic who was born into poverty, endured the suffering of homelessness, experienced the pain of child hunger, dropped out of high school, volunteered for the United States Army, applied to the Special Forces, served in Vietnam, was highly decorated with Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts for his bravery and valor, achieved a high school equivalence degree, worked as a registered nurse, earned his college degree, served as a detective and deputy sheriff, attended medical school and graduated at the top of his class, became a widely respected physician, was named by a Republican president to be surgeon general of the United States, was confirmed by a unanimous vote of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, and now runs for the Senate from Arizona with support from Clintons and Goldwaters alike!

His name is Rich Carmona. He has long been a political independent, but as the Democratic nominee for Senate makes me proud to be a Democrat. I consider it an honor to commend to your attention a gentleman, war hero, soldier, scholar, healer and statesman as the embodiment of the American Dream and the kind of United States senator our country urgently needs.

I apologize for not writing about Rich Carmona sooner. When I read in The Hill that Dr. Carmona was endorsed not only by major Democrats but by Barry Goldwater's daughter Joanne and his granddaughter CC I took a close look at Carmona and realized what the Goldwaters already knew: Richard Carmona is a very special man, and would be a very special senator.

I knew Barry Goldwater. He was one of the finest men and finest senators I have ever met, even when I disagreed with him. When I first came to Washington as a freshman in college, and a friend and I were visiting the Congress, we ran into Goldwater walking up the steps of what was then called the Old Senate Office Building. Goldwater stopped, shook our hands, then sat down on the stairs and we talked for an hour. Imagine that happening today!

At the end of our chat, Goldwater said to us, "Hey, kids, why you don't you work in my office as an intern?” We told him we were a little more liberal than him, and he replied, "Oh, heck, I don't care about that!.”

I never worked for Sen. Goldwater, but when I was working for Sen. Lloyd Bentsen writing the CIA Identities law, a bill Sen. Goldwater was interested in, every now and then he would wink at me and say, "Son, you still have time, I can use a guy like you on my staff!”

Barry Goldwater was special. The Goldwater family is special. So when Joanna and CC Goldwater endorsed Rich Carmona, I sure took notice and hope you do too.

Rich Carmona really is the American Dream and Rich Carmona believes the American Dream should come true for everyone, as it came true for him. Carmona is a man of high values and independent thinking. He is a man of great stature, big heart and incredible courage. He is a man who walks the walk, talks the talk, dreams the dream and lives the life, who always asks what he can do for our country, and what he can do to lift the lives of those he serves.