Recent polling from Nebraska suggests that former Democratic Sen. and current Democratic candidate Bob Kerrey is surging and within reach of one of the great comeback victories in his race for the Senate seat in Nebraska. This is great news. Kerrey is one of the great men in public life, a true American hero, a leader with enormous respect and credibility across the political aisle and a leading job creator and fiscal conservative with a conscience. Kerrey created a hugely successful business and could teach Mitt Romney lessons about how to create American jobs the right way, after serving our country as a Navy SEAL and being awarded America's highest commendation, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

What more can one ask in a United States senator than the courage and valor shown by Bob Kerrey with the Navy SEALs in Vietnam and the entrepreneurial drive to start a business that created thousands of good jobs at fair wages in our country? There is even more than this that Bob Kerrey brings to the table:

Bob Kerrey was a highly successful and widely admired governor of Nebraska.

Bob Kerrey served as a United States senator who earned high praise and genuine respect from Republican and Democratic colleagues.

Bob Kerrey left the Senate to become an educator because he deeply believes that our young men and young women are the future of our nation.

Bob Kerrey has been a leading voice and leading expert on national security, national defense and fiscal responsibility. On balancing the budget, Kerrey talked the talk and then walked the walk as a state executive; as governor of Nebraska; as a legislator, as senator from Nebraska; and as CEO of his own business, where Kerrey was an entrepreneurial job creator and responsible budget balancer.

Bob Kerrey stands for a politics of integrity and independence. He stands for a politics that can bring Republicans and Democrats together. And now in recent hours there was a major new poll from the Omaha World-Herald that shows that Bob Kerrey is closing fast and strong with dramatically increasing support from independent voters and a major new endorsement from the Nebraska Farmers Union that will give Kerrey another lift as Election Day approaches.

Last-minute fundraising for Kerrey is reportedly surging, along with surging support from farmers and independents. Bob Kerrey is a good man, a great man and the right kind of leader to serve in a United States Senate that needs more men and women of duty, honor, country, courage, service, integrity and independence like Bob Kerrey.