Big news from Nebraska: Former Republican Sen. Chuck HagelCharles (Chuck) Timothy HagelHagel: Trump is 'an embarrassment' Tax cut complete, hawks push for military increase Pentagon documents hundreds of serious misconduct cases against top brass MORE is endorsing Bob Kerrey for the Nebraska Senate seat in a dramatic move that will give a new boost to the surging Kerrey campaign. As long-term readers of my column know, I have always been a very big admirer and supporter of Chuck Hagel and consider him one of the most honorable leaders in public life in my lifetime. I would support Hagel for any elective office he seeks and any appointed office under any president wise enough to name him. Chuck Hagel's willingness to cross the aisle and support Bob Kerrey should give Kerrey a significant boost among moderate Republicans and political independents.

Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerrey have some of the most important things in common. They were both war heroes who served our country in Vietnam with great valor. They both founded highly successful businesses with great entrepreneurial leadership and were job creators who put many people to work. They both stand for political integrity and political independence. They both earned enormous respect from senators in both parties and they both believe in the kind of United States Senate our Founding Fathers intended.

It is always a pleasure and an honor to write about Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerrey. I have written often about both of them before, hope I have the opportunity to write about both of them in the future, and am thrilled to be writing about both of them today.

It is great to see this band of brothers of Hagel and Kerrey brought together again. Two great men who have done so much for Nebraska and America, two great men with so much more they can do.