Michael Gerson in the Tuesday Washington Post got it half-right: Occupy Wall Street was a big 2012 winner by defining the narrative that others ran on. Yes! You read it here first, long ago. Gerson then fell into the rightist trap claiming Obama wants to end capitalism. Nope! Too much rightist brew for Gerson. Occupy Wall Street was indeed a huge 2012 winner, defining the narrative of the winning party, while the discredited Tea Party crashed, Sarah Palin is reduced to marginal opining, Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Ann WarrenMulvaney aims to cement CFPB legacy by ensuring successor's confirmation Trump calls Nevada Dem Senate candidate 'Wacky Jacky,' renews 'Pocahontas' jab at Warren On The Money — Sponsored by Prudential — Trump floats tariffs on European cars | Nikki Haley slams UN report on US poverty | Will tax law help GOP? It's a mystery MORE emerges as a champion, Romney's 47 percent insult was defeated by Occupy Wall Street's 99 percent inspiration and the resurgent Ron Paul leads the battle for the allegiance of young voters.

The great battle of America is who defines the real populism. Obama has never been a real populist. In truth he shafted the Occupy movement but stole its message, which won the election, while Romney stole the Tea Party message, which lost the election. If this were the NFL the score would be: Occupy 24, Tea Party 7, Elizabeth Warren 28, Sarah Palin 0, Ron Paul 28, Mitt Romney 3. While Ron Paul escalates taking his message to young people, the only person who wants to talk to Romney is Obama.

Do Republicans really want to lead the charge for lower taxes for the super-wealthiest? Have they learned anything? (Not really. Old bad habits die hard, which is why the GOP might be headed to long-term minority party status).

Where's Palin? First Romney put her in a bag during the campaign, then Romney tried to sound like Palin, then Romney-as-Palin was crushed by Obama-as-Occupy.

Why do I think that 10 years from now Allen West will still be demanding a recount? The Tea Party lost its cachet, though nobody told Dick Morris, who apparently made ludicrous predictions he didn't really believe, pushing the delusional right to buy more ice as the Tea Party Titanic was sinking.

I wrote a column long ago about the conservative crack-up. Well, the crack-up came while conservative prognosticators drank the tea and Obama won, Romney crashed, Occupy triumphed, Warren soared, Palin disappeared and Paul lives on with a very important challenge for the young voter's allegiance coming to a school near you (don't miss it).

Prediction: Dick Morris will write more columns predicting gigantic humongous historic transforming Republican landslides until President Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonColorado governor teases possible presidential run Mueller asks judge for September sentencing for Papadopoulos House Judiciary Committee subpoenas FBI agent who sent anti-Trump texts MORE's second inaugural address in January 2021. Isn't that a happy thought?